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Accurate up-to-date verified email lists that deliver results. Get access to over a billion of B2C and B2B emails in the US and globally with at least 212,000,000 records available for the USA.

Below you can find some examples of data that is available to you. Let us know your exact requirements to get a free bespoke overview of what data you could get.

How to Buy an Email List?

Working with email lists is very easy, as we take care of the most complicated bit for you, leaving you to enjoy your results. The process consists of a few very simple steps:

  1. Provide us with an email list brief
    You provide us with some specifics about your project. It may vary from relatively niche requests such as CEO’s email list but only from little companies located in Texas to much broader ones such as contacts of all freight shipping companies all over the USA. Whatever your requirement we can help.
  2. Initial data scoping and consultancy
    Once the brief is received, we will do initial ‘no obligation’ research for you. We will match the data that we have access to against your brief to ensure you will get exactly what is  needed in order to achieve desired results. At this stage we may also advise you on sets of data that you haven’t thought of using that may benefit you too. If the requested email list is too niche, we will reach out to our connections to source it for you.
  3. Quote and agreement
    We will provide you with a quote that stating exactly what you get, how much would it cost you together with the conditions on how to use it. GDPR and PECR means some data may have certain use rules. We will guide you through that. For example, there are some compliance standards for the communications that we send out to Investors email lists. With straight forward B2B and B2C  orders there are usage options depending on your requirements.
  4. Completion
    After the payment is complete, you receive access to the email list.
  5. Emailing chosen database
    You email your new contacts yourself or with our help, and receive your responses.
  6. Success

Buy Business Email Lists

Get access to millions of contacts in the US and globally. Business contact data covers all industries and can be narrowed down by multiple criteria such as geography, business industry, job titles, companies revenue or anything else.

Read more about B2B contact data and its examples.

Email lists - business email data
consumer email data

Buy Consumer Email Lists

USA regulations for promotional emails sent to consumers are strict.  The CAN-SPAM Act applies to all commercial messages, which the law defines as “any electronic mail message the primary purpose of which is the commercial advertisement or promotion of a commercial product or service,” including email that promotes content on commercial websites. Non-compliance may lead to costly penalties.

Our data comes from trusted resources and we check each email before sending it.

With our help you can get access to millions of consumer email addresses in the USA and globally and we will ensure that all messaging is CAN-SPAM Act or GDPR compliant.

Flexible Usage Terms. We offer 3 options depending on your requirements – Outright Purchase, 12 Month Lease and One time Use. All marketing plans and budgets are catered for.