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Armored trucks are vehicles designed with added protection features in order to allow them to carry valuable cargos such as money or jewelry and resist attempts at robbery or hijacking.

For example, many banks and financial companies use armored trucks to transport high volumes of cash safely. They may also be used to protect individuals rather than cargo. Common features include bullet-proof glass, thick outer shells and smart security devices such as trackers, or systems which mark attackers for later identification.

Our database gives you an opportunity to contact multiple armored truck companies in bulk. You can also contact the right people in charge based on your project requirements.

The List of Armored Trucks Companies by Job

The list below shows the number of contacts available to you and segmented by job titles. The contacts can also be filtered down my other criteria, such as size of the company, geography and others. These are US only contacts, so if you require international data, just get in touch and we will provide you with relevant data counts estimates and prices.

  • Managers: 3,069 contacts
  • IT Decision Makers: 782 contacts
  • Directors: 729 contacts
  • Owner/ Founder: 435 contacts
  • HR Directors: 418 contacts
  • VP’s: 321 contacts
  • Sales & Marketing Decision Makers: 238 contacts
  • General Manager: 200 contacts
  • Chief’s: 112 contacts
  • President/ CEO: 108 contacts
  • CFO: 57 contacts
  • Managing Director: 39 contacts
  • Operation Manager: 36 contacts
  • Partner: 32 contacts
  • COO: 29 contacts
  • CIO/ CTO: 12 contacts
List of armored truck companies