Salesforce Users List

Salesforce Users List | Decision-making Roles Only | 43,114 Companies

Talk directly to your target clients through your marketing.

Contact details of thousands of companies and individual Salesforce users are now available for your use with the help of our emailing list. Let us know your requirements and we will let you know how many data entries are you looking to get.

About Salesforce

Salesforce is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system used by thousands of companies around the world. Salesforce is a market leading software that grows aggressively and takes the largest market share, being followed by SAP.  Getting access to contact details of Salesforce users provides an opportunity for pitching your business directly to decision makers.

USA Salesforce Users List by Product

If you are interested in working with users of a particular Salesforce product, you can reach out directly to them. The data count below shows records available for USA Salesforce users per product. The counts below include only decision makers.

  • Salesforce MuleSoft
  • Salesforce
  • Salesforce Heroku
  • Salesforce CPQ
  • Salesforce DMP
  • Salesforce Einstein Analytics
  • Salesforce Engage
  • Salesforce Apex
  • Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Salesforce Pardot
  • Salesforce Quip
  • Salesforce Chatter
  • Salesforce Community Cloud
  • And more

How many international emails does the Salesforce users list contain?

Depending on your requirements you will be provided with a selection of contact data of your choice. For example, below you can see a data count for Salesforce users in decision-making roles and categorised by country.

  • Africa: 325 companies, 1460 contacts
  • Australia: 2384 companies, 10255 contacts
  • Argentina: 55 companies, 236 contacts
  • Austria: 19 companies, 85 contacts
  • Belgium: 553 companies, 2378 contacts
  • Brazil: 299 companies, 1286 contacts
  • Canada: 2871 companies, 12348 contacts
  • China: 765 companies, 3290 contacts
  • France: 756 companies, 3255 contacts
  • India: 2310 companies, 9940 contacts
  • Indonesia: 162 companies, 699 contacts
  • Ireland: 378 companies, 1586 contacts
  • Italy: 524 companies, 2255 contacts
  • Japan: 683 companies, 2940 contacts
  • Korea: 29 companies, 126 contacts
  • Kuwait: 53 companies, 232 contacts
  • Malaysia: 42 companies, 184 contacts
  • Netherlands: 531 companies, 2328 contacts
  • Norway: 45 companies, 195 contacts
  • Russia: 162 companies, 712 contacts
  • Saudi Arabia : 310 companies, 1336 contacts
  • Singapore: 724 companies, 3100 contacts
  • Spain: 563 companies, 2421 contacts
  • Sweden: 541 companies, 2328 contacts
  • Taiwan: 29 companies, 126 contacts
  • Thailand : 72 companies, 310 contacts
  • Turkey: 168 companies, 732 contacts
  • UK: 6072 companies, 26541 contacts
  • United Arab Emirates: 726 companies, 3084 contacts
  • USA: 20963 companies, 140792 contacts

Who uses Salesforce?

Salesforce provides multiple tiers of pricing starting from approximately $30/month to bespoke corporate packages that cost significantly more. Salesforce CRM also provides different types of solutions for multiple business sectors such as sales, IT, marketing and others.

Over 150000 companies of different calibre and from different industries around the world use Salesforce for their sales, marketing and general project management needs. From Adidas to local windows’ manufacturer – Salesforce got something to offer to all of them. This variety of companies creates an indispensable database of contacts that you can have access to. You can target the following audiences that are using Salesforce

  • Large corporations
  • SMEs
  • Abroad and in the USA
  • By the job title
  • Decision makers
  • By Salesforce service category: Commerce Cloud, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud and others
salesforce users list

salesforce users email list

Salesforce Users Email List

Salesforce users list is a combination of multiple emailing lists of high quality combined into a single database. This data is sourced ethically and compliant. Email and phone data is of a high quality and therefore we guarantee good deliverability. Depending on you aims we are able to make selections on the list and provide you with an opt-in list of contacts that match your requirements precisely.

I have used US Marketing Management as my primary source for list rental and email marketing for around 10 years. The nature of the campaigns we work on usually involves quite obscure and precise targets and rarely if ever have US Marketing Management failed to come up with good quality data.
Simon, MD, Marketing Agency
I have worked with US Marketing Management for more than 10 years, taking their expertise and professionalism with me whenever I’ve moved to new digital marketing positions. They offer the advice, quality and technical ability of a large company, but the flexibility and reaction times of a start up.
Roane, Insurance Company
I was dubious about buying data to help with my email campaigns and required a GDPR compliant method to do so. US Marketing Management provided a helpful and extensive data list which met my needs and will ultimately save us a huge amount of research time. I would recommend to others.
Steve, SAP Recruitment Company