UK Companies List | 1.48 Million Records with Email

The UK Companies List is one of the most accurate marketing list resources in the UK. It’s 1.48 million records are constantly refreshed and verified. The list covers the whole of the UK and all sectors. With our help you can get access to thousands of contacts within hundreds of thousands of UK companies. Our lists can be broken down by multiple criteria including job, sector, region and size. The list can be sub-divided into lists by industry sector.

UK Companies Lists by Industry

Below are a few examples of industry-based lists that you can access. These lists represents a few of our most popular inquiries, however our data is vast is not limited to these industries.

Example UK Company Lists…

  • List of web design companies in UK: 2,436 companies, 10,236 contacts
  • List of financial services companies in UK: 19,241 companies, 83,075 contacts
  • List of haulage companies in UK: 432 companies, 1,811 contacts
  • list of largest logistics companies in UK: 55 companies, 678 contacts
  • list of biotech companies in UK: 876 companies, 3,694 contacts
  • list of bottled water companies UK: 1,224 water, 5,099 contacts
  • list of pharmaceutical manufacturing companies in UK: 2,936 companies, 11,751 contacts
  • list of security companies in UK: 1,711 companies, 6,850 contacts
  • list of UK fintech companies: 1,195 UK, 7,963 contacts
  • list of UK production companies: 1,054 UK, 4,885 contacts
  • list of waste management companies in UK: 3,369 companies, 14,527 contacts
  • List of engineering companies in UK: 3,924 companies, 16,484 contacts
  • List of information technology companies in UK: 14,051 companies, 59,022 contacts
Uk companies

UK Companies List by Region or City

The UK Regional Breakdown gives you an insight into the spread of data across the UK. There is heavy concentrations of business services and finance in the London area, whereas there is a concentration on heavy industry and manufacturing in the Midlands and the North. Wales and the South East are dominated by Agriculture and light industries.

  • London: 639,724 contacts
  • South East England: 216,282 contacts
  • North West England: 126,835 contacts
  • South West England: 93,271 contacts
  • West Midlands: 82,854 contacts
  • East of England: 74,392 contacts
  • Yorkshire & the Humber: 65,293 contacts
  • East Midlands: 64,221 contacts
  • Scotland: 60,329 contacts
  • Wales: 20,564 contacts
  • North East England: 19,568 contacts
  • Northern Ireland: 15,571 contacts

UK companies list: Job vs Sector

This table shows the breakdown of job function vs sector for the full 1.48 million records on the UK file. The file is extremely robust with over 70,000 C-level executives with full contact details and a further 61,000 Partners and MD level contacts.

If you cannot see the job function that you are interested in please let us know and we can arrange a bespoke count.

Counts by: Owner / Founder, President / CEO, CFO, CIO / CTO, COO, CXO (Other C-level executives), Partner, Managing Directors, General Managers, Vice Presidents, Human Resources, Operations, Sales & Marketing, IT, Other Directors and Other Managers are available on this data for selection.

You can find a few sample counts below.

  • Agriculture: 229 C-level contacts; 327 directors
  • Business Services: 15,270 C-level contacts; 16,581 directors
  • Chambers of Commerce: 89 C-level contacts; 71 directors
  • Cities, Towns & Municipalities: 334 C-level contacts; 573 directors
  • Construction: 2,970 C-level contacts; 5,997 directors
  • Consumer Services: 1,348 C-level contacts; 1,428 directors
  • Cultural: 463 C-level contacts; 1,363 directors
  • Education: 2,207 C-level contacts; 10,459 directors
  • Energy, Utilities & Waste Treatment: 1,478 C-level contacts; 2,381 directors
  • Finance: 7,137 C-level contacts; 10,747 directors
  • Government: 1,014 C-level contacts; 4,307 directors
  • Healthcare: 2,044 C-level contacts; 6,193 directors
  • Hospitality: 2,887 C-level contacts; 3,474 directors
  • Insurance: 1,760 C-level contacts; 3,462 directors
  • Law Firms & Legal Services: 13,415 C-level contacts; 2,427 directors
  • Manufacturing: 6,773 C-level contacts; 10,379 directors
  • Media & Internet: 4,181 C-level contacts; 8,273 directors
  • Metals & Mining: 680 C-level contacts; 687 directors
  • Organizations: 4,385 C-level contacts; 9,739 directors
  • Real Estate: 3,350 C-level contacts; 5,253 directors
  • Retail: 1,962 C-level contacts; 2,770 directors
  • Software: 10,345 C-level contacts; 16,023 directors
  • Telecommunications: 1,512 C-level contacts; 2,947 directors
  • Transportation: 1,754 C-level contacts; 2,303 directors

UK companies: Sector vs Company Size

The Business List UK Sector vs Company Size chart shows the diversity of the sectors in the UK economy. The 1.48 million contacts span all sectors and company sizes, with nearly 600,000 operating in companies over USD$1 billion sales revenues. Nearly 900,000 contacts operate in large organizations over USD$100 million sales revenues.

The data gives you access to executives with significant purchasing power. These contacts have influence over the organizations expenditure.