Consumer Data

Whatever Consumer Data and Target Audience You Need, We Will be Able to Source It

Buy USA Consumer Databases

If you are looking for consumer data lists we will have the solution. We have access to some of the largest, high-quality databases available in the USA and overseas. Over 100 databases to choose from.

  • 212 million consumer households
  • 190 million email addresses
  • 175 million automobile owners
  • 154 million consumers with cell phones
  • 122 million fully surveyed American consumers with lifestyle demographics
  • 4 million affluent Americans – millionaires, multi-millionaires and billionaires
Consumer data

Consumer database

What Consumer Data Can I Get?

Our databases contact details of thousands of consumers at all levels. Data  for individuals includes their full name, email address, postal address and phone numbers. The information in our databases can be filtered down and picked by multiple criteria, for example:

  • Income
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Dwelling Type
  • Occupation
  • Marital Status
  • Ethnicity
  • Children’s age
  • Number of people in a household
  • Hobbies & interests
  • Type of mortgage loan

Available selections are dependent on the choice of the consumer database and we will help you to pick the one that is most suitable for your business.

Recommended Consumer Data Lists

Here are a selection of just a few of the 100+ USA and International Consumer lists available through US Marketing Management Inc. Let us know what your requirements are we will pick the right database and contacts for you.

Affluent America Consumer Database

Affluent America is the USA’s wealthiest individuals with millionaires, multi-millionaires and billionaires. The people on this file have huge spending power, and desire the most luxurious products and services available.

The Affluent America file comprises the top 5% of American families by wealth. The Affluent America Database is viewed as the most complete consumer lists of its kind anywhere in the US.

The file comprises wealthy investors, directors and top executives of major corporations, estate owners, yacht owners, new airplane owners, celebrities, highest income tax shelter buyers, sportsmen, foundation heads, important professionals, senior credit worthy families, wealthy widows, wealthy retirees.


From: $100/M one time use, $220/M unlimited use


Age, gender, income, mail order buyer by category, net worth, dwelling type and more.

Suggested usage:
These sophisticated and affluent millionaires are prime prospects for investments, luxury travel, real estate, cultural offers, philanthropic appeals, art, fundraising, financial advisory services, insurance, collectibles, magazines and high-end items and catalogs.

List Source:
The Affluent America Database take information from many sources to build up a picture of the wealth of the individuals. These sources include consumer credit files, tax assessor records, product warranty registrations, questionnaire data, value of airplane or yacht, investor data, census information, and many other sources of rich data.

Data list details:

  • 3.9 Million Records
  • 1.2 Million Email Addresses
  • Minimum Order 5,000 names

Select by Income: (add $10/M)

  • $135,000–$149,999: 1535166 records
  • $150,000–$159,999: 347746 records
  • $160,000–$169,999: 452653 records
  • $170,000–$179,999: 161438 records
  • $180,000–$189,999: 296643 records
  • $190,000–$199,999: 103039 records
  • $200,000–$224,999: 174625 records
  • $225,000–$149,999: 282579 records
  • $250,000 Plus: 469419 records

American Consumers by Occupation

With over 28 million records this is a huge list of American consumers selectable by over 260 occupations. There are professionals of all types plus company executives, business owners and millions of white and blue-collar workers, civil service employees and health service workers. The base contact and occupation data is then further enhanced with demographic information to make this file highly selectable.

  • Efficient mailings – the data is 100% appended with zip + 4 and carrier route
  • The file is kept clean by processing against both the NCOA and MPS
  • Minimum Order 5,000 names

Estimated income, age, gender, marital status, dwelling type, mail order buyer, homeowner, presence of children, ethnicity, length of residency, credit card user and occupation.


From: $100 per 1000 one time use, $220 per 1000 for unlimited use. Please add $130 per 1000 for email addresses (available on orders of 5000 records +.
Selection pricing: Age $15 per 1000, Est. Income $15 per 1000, Gender $7.50 per 1000, Mail Order Buyer $15 per 1000, Occupation $25 per 1000, Phones $30 per 1000, State/Zip $7.50 per 1000, Dwelling Type $7.50 per 1000

This database covers over a hundred occupations. You can find some examples below.

  • Funeral Director: 6961 records
  • Hostess/Host/Usher: 5063 records
  • Insurance Agent: 665541 records
  • Legal/Attorney/Lawyer: 113886 records
  • Librarian/Archivist: 8677 records
  • Maker/Manufacturer: 4133 records
  • Manager: 3071512 records
  • Medical Doctor/Physician: 252171 records
  • Owner/Partner: 360774 records
  • Pastor: 18712 records
  • Pilot: 305774 records
  • Planner: 5354 records
  • Principal/Dean/Educator: 10065 records
  • Professional: 1063762 records
  • Scientist: 27362 records
  • Superintendent: 4223 records
  • Supervisor: 114092 records
  • Veterinarian: 25660 records
  • White Collar Worker: 4244020 records
  • Reporter: 8373 records
  • Production: 24142 records
  • Repairman: 30667 records
  • Teller/Bank Teller: 32743 records
  • Travel Agent: 3728 records
  • Researcher: 7001 records
  • Child Care/Day Care/Babysitter: 14348 records
  • Writer: 4359 records
  • Sales: 1661064 records
  • Blue Collar Workers: 5278965 records
  • Assembler: 47306 records
  • Cleaner/Laundry: 9424 records
  • Clerk/Stock: 22039 records
  • Security: 93909 records
  • Auto Mechanic: 7839 records
  • Construction: 19426 records
  • Cook: 41778 records
  • Baker: 7132 records