List of Retail Companies in Europe

List of Retail Companies In Europe | All Countries, All Subsectors | Email & Phone

Worldwide millions of people are employed in the retail sector globally. It is one of the largest industries in the world and therefore provides marketers with plenty of opportunities.

Our Retail in Europe file holds the contact details of 55,962 senior executives with purchasing power. They are ready to receive your marketing message. Contact us today with your requirements and we will get back to you with counts and costs.

Retail Companies in Europe

What Does the List of Retail Companies in Europe Include?

Our list consists of 55,962 contacts, all of them taking C-level or Director level positions. Each entry includes full name, job title, company name, personal phone and email address along with other filters and data.

If you are looking to contact wider audience and talk to managers and employees of other seniority levels, then our lists expands to whooping 154,917 contacts for you to use and our wider Europe email database may become of use. Should you prefer to talk to non-EU companies, our broad retail industry email list can help.

These lists can be segmented out by country, sector or company details if needed to, therefore you will be paying only for data that is of value to you.

Retail Companies in Europe

Across Europe the sector involves some truly giant companies such as the Schwartz Group, Tesco PLC, Aldi Einkauf GmbH & Co, the Edeka Group and the IKEA Group, but it also includes thousands of small and medium enterprises down to small local corner shops.

EuroCommerce estimates that 3.63 million businesses are active in retail in some form, which is one in four businesses on the continent. Collectively the sector was worth €3.25Trillion (US$3.85Trillion) in 2018 and employs 19.3 million people.

The European retail sector’s revenue is forecast to grow to €3.55Trillion (US$4.2Trillion) by 2023.

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