Email Broadcasting

Too busy to create and manage your email marketing campaign? No problem! Use our managed email broadcasting services.

  • We can assist with advice about email broadcasting and creative design
  • We will help with your email list management
  • We will set up the campaign, test and deploy
  • We have custom sending domains to build your own reputation
  • We can help with building event driven messaging and automation
  • Detailed reporting


Each broadcasts event activity is recorded and analyzed. You will receive a full report of events such as opens, clicks, bounces, social sharing and unsubscribes. All of this is conveyed back to you in easy to interpret reports and charts.  This empowers your marketing department as well as offering insight for your organizations stakeholders and management teams.

Automated Campaigns

Need to send a series of messages? We have an automated message program builder facility where you can create a contact journey from a simple email program of just a few messages through to a sophisticated series of marketing message touch points. It allows you to monitor the campaigns effectiveness at each stage through the program.

Engagement Campaigns

We can ensure that your existing database is of the highest quality so that you get the most from your marketing campaigns. An engagement campaign means sending an email message to your database and confirming permission to receive email from your organization.
We manage the hard bounces and soft bounces and then give back only valid email addresses.
Keeps you compliant
Keeps you clear of black lists
Keeps your deliverability high


Is there a minimum email broadcast size?
What reporting do I get after my email broadcast is deployed?