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Our USA database consists of 11.9 million senior business executives with email addresses.

The contacts on this business list wield great buying power. They are the people that have the budgets to buy your goods and services. The file covers all industry sectors and sub-sectors, as well as job functions, so whoever you would like to target will be represented on this file.

This USA business list contains the contacts name and personal business email address. It also contains the company’s main name, office address, website and telephone number, as well as other relevant information. The data is available on an outright purchase basis.

Why Approach USA Companies?

USA b2b database

The United States is the world’s biggest economy by nominal GDP and net wealth, and second only to China in purchasing power parity.  With the 8th highest GDP per capita globally it is home to millions of consumers and, as the world’s largest importer and second-largest exporter, American companies are often big players internationally.

Foreign investments in US companies total over US$4 Trillion. In 2019 the GDP of the United States was over US$21.4 Trillion.

All in all, USA is a compelling market for both: international and domestic businesses. Our database provides a unique opportunity to target the right people in charge and take your marketing and business development on a completely new level.

Our database can be narrowed done by hundreds of parameters. You can find some examples below.

USA Data by State

This B2B data USA by State table is a breakdown of all contacts, across all industry sectors, analyzed by State.

Search for B2B data in the USA by State. The counts below represent the total number of contacts in the major job functions. If you have a specific count that needs to be run in a State or group of States then please let us know and we will come right back to you with the updated volumes.

  • Alabama: 42,391 contacts
  • Alaska: 14,930 contacts
  • Arizona: 163,949 contacts
  • Arkansas: 42,337 contacts
  • California: 1,466,219 contacts
  • Colorado: 232,080 contacts
  • Connecticut: 103,823 contacts
  • Delaware: 22,042 contacts
  • Florida: 793,190 contacts
  • Georgia: 348,264 contacts
  • Hawaii: 19,563 contacts
  • Idaho: 30,105 contacts
  • Illinois: 479,428 contacts
  • Indiana: 171,285 contacts
  • Iowa: 84,143 contacts
  • Kansas: 112,121 contacts
  • Kentucky: 85,059 contacts
  • Louisiana: 94,968 contacts
  • Maine: 25,223 contacts
  • Maryland: 189,537 contacts
  • Massachusetts: 343,278 contacts
  • Michigan: 293,885 contacts
  • Minnesota: 239,172 contacts
  • Mississippi: 31,622 contacts
  • Missouri: 173,948 contacts
  • Montana: 14,792 contacts
  • Nebraska: 50,809 contacts
  • Nevada: 58,200 contacts
  • New Hampshire: 36,319 contacts
  • New Jersey: 256,362 contacts
  • New Mexico: 30,361 contacts
  • New York: 1,549,306 contacts
  • North Carolina: 296,392 contacts
  • North Dakota: 18,919 contacts
  • Ohio: 367,150 contacts
  • Oklahoma: 77,192 contacts
  • Oregon: 130,217 contacts
  • Pennsylvania: 426,700 contacts
  • Rhode Island: 33,540 contacts
  • South Carolina: 100,512 contacts
  • South Dakota: 16,628 contacts
  • Tennessee: 181,615 contacts
  • Texas: 1,390,998 contacts
  • Utah: 81,733 contacts
  • Vermont: 16,870 contacts
  • Virginia: 275,211 contacts
  • Washington: 673,226 contacts
  • West Virginia: 19,594 contacts
  • Wisconsin: 196,231 contacts
  • Wyoming: 8,437 contacts

USA Email Data by Industry

This graph below represents the total B2B contacts analyzed by major industry sector. We can also run specific counts for industry sub sectors, for example Biotech sub sector within Pharmaceuticals. If you have any specific sectors that you would like to get a count for please let us know and we can get some options sent through to you.

USA Email List by Job Title

The table below represents the major job functions found within US corporations. It has been estimated that there are approximately 20,000 individual job titles, and with variants probably many tens of thousands more. To make your selections as easy as possible these job titles have been amalgamated into job functions.

If you cannot see the job function that you would like to target please just let us know and we can run bespoke searches for you to establish the exact volume available. Just drop us a email and we will come straight back to you.

Counts by: Owner / Founder, President / CEO, CFO, CIO / CTO, COO, CXO (Other C-level executives), Partner, Managing Directors, General Managers, Vice Presidents, Human Resources, Operations, Sales & Marketing, IT, Other Directors and Other Managers are available on this table for selection.

USA Email Database by Company Revenue & Sector

This table gives you a broad insight into the companies and industries and revenue generated. The database is so comprehensive that it does not just focus on the very largest, elite companies, although they are represented on the file. The file covers all shapes and sizes of organization in the USA.