List of Biotech Companies

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Our USA list of biotech companies contains 34,899 contacts of people employed within this industry across the US. The contacts range from President through to departmental heads. Contacts are all senior decision makers within their departments, so you can send your message directly to the right people.

We also can supply you with contact data for biotech companies worldwide. Our databases include names, job titles, contact information such as phone numbers and emails and data can be filtered by multiple criteria, that includes subsectors and geography as well as other parameters.

List of Biotech Companies

List of Biotech Companies – USA

There are almost 3,000 biotech companies operating in the United States, both public and private, employing over 287,000 people. Globally the biotech industry was worth US$284 Billion in 2019, with Amgen alone generating revenues of US$23.36 Billion.

Our list of Biotech executives is an important tool for you to be able to contact this huge market.

There are particular clusters of biotech companies in Boston and Cambridge, Massachusetts, in the San Francisco Bay area, New York, Los Angeles, San Diego and Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina.

Working with biotech companies opens up plenty of opportunities, mostly due to the investments that are being injected into this industry and also because of a possibility of breakthrough findings.

List of Biotech Companies by Sub-industry

You may be interested in reaching out to a specific branch of the biotech industry. Send us your project brief and we will advise you on the best data selection for your needs. Meanwhile, find some examples below.

  • Laboratories-Research & Development: 4,862 contacts
  • Experimental Work: 955 contacts
  • Solar Energy Research & Development: 1,210 contacts
  • Laboratories: 8,631 contacts
  • Human Factors-Research & Development: 799 contacts
  • Electronic Research & Development: 634 contacts
  • Oceanographers: 510 contacts
  • Testing: 382 contacts
  • Technology Assistance Programs: 210 contacts
  • Environmental & Ecological Services: 364 contacts
  • Engineers-Biomedical: 967 contacts
  • Pollution Control: 355 contacts
  • Govt-Coml Physical/biological Research: 1,010 contacts
  • Food Analysis: 567 contacts
  • Recycling Education Info & Training Services: 310 contacts
  • Recycling Consultants: 762 contacts
  • Agricultural Research: 834 contacts
  • Rubber Research & Consulting: 291 contacts
  • Cryogenic Research & Development: 223 contacts
  • Laboratories-Agricultural: 492 contacts
  • Laboratories-Marine Biological: 387 contacts
  • Laboratories-Biochemical: 564 contacts
  • Lasers-Communication Research & Dev: 310 contacts
  • Biotechnology Products & Services: 955 contacts
  • Biology Consultants: 1,462 contacts
  • Chemical Research: 2,278 contacts
  • Wetlands Consultants: 385 contacts
  • Ergonomics: 267 contacts
  • Toxicologists: 634 contacts
  • Geological Laboratories: 811 contacts
  • Laboratories-Psychological: 573 contacts
  • Operations Research: 426 contacts
  • Surveyors-Seismic: 310 contacts
  • Surveyors-Hydrographic: 267 contacts
  • Technologists-Applied Sciences: 292 contacts
  • Commercial Physical Research: 610 contacts

List of Biotech Companies – Industry Overview

Biotechnology, is the exploitation of biological processes for industrial or other purposes. Examples include the genetic manipulation of microorganisms for the production of antibiotics or hormone treatments, it therefore often overlaps with other scientific fields such as pharmacology or biomedical research.

Although often considered a modern sector and frequently at the cutting edge of science, biotech as an industry has a long history. Yeast fermentation for brewing beer is an example of historical biotechnology which happened across ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, China and India. Other examples of historical biotech include leavened bread, the smallpox vaccine and penicillin.

Nowadays, focus is shifted towards research in cancer and other serious or incurable diseases. If your intereste is in manufacturing side of things, you may be inetrested to check our List of Medical Devices Companies.

List of Biotech Companies in the US

Let us know your project aims and requirements and we will help you to reach the right audience, whether you are interested in conducting research or supplying consumables.