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Our UK investors list consists of multiple databases covering over 500,000 investors in the UK. 

We will discuss your project with you and will pick the most suitable database of investors to ensure that your message is delivered only to those people who have expressed interest in similar projects. We can also extend the database and include US investors and international investors into your marketing campaign. Below you can find a couple of examples of databases you will be working with.

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UK Investors List: ADVFN – UK Private Investors Database

Advanced Financial Network – ADVFN were the first to deliver professional trading information to UK private investors in 1999. It now provides unrivalled access to stock exchange information from around the world to over 2 million registered users. The primary user base is 30 – 54 year old males of high net worth. They are trading and investing on a daily and weekly basis which means that they are very active and keen investors.

Volume: 120k

UK Investors List: Motley Fool Database

This file is one of the best email lists in the UK for investment campaigns.

Motley Fool UK was formed in 1997 and is recognized as the UK’s leading online finance community sites. The website offers consumers personal finance and investments content, financial comparison and community tools and services. ‘Fools’ are typically older (average user age is 47), wiser (55% degree educated), wealthier (average personal income is £35k, (76% are active investors), more secure (80% are homeowners) and active online (50% visit the site weekly). The site has over 300k active investors and 1.2m members, so this is the largest file in the UK.

Volume: 324k

UK Investors List

UK Investors List – Industry Overview

The United Kingdom is rightly famous for its financial services industry. This includes investment, with over 5,000 companies listed as being involved with venture capitalism, private equity and other forms of investments based in the UK.

Venture capital investment in the UK in 2019 was US$13.2Billion, having grown from US$3.5Billion in 2014. This figure was equivalent to a third of all venture capital investment in Europe and more than France and Germany combined. Meanwhile, the total value of private equity invested in portfolio companies in the UK in 2019 was US$28.98Billion.

This continuous growth indicates the size of the opportunities available to businesses. With our database of UK based investors your message will be put in front of the people willing to see it, therefore maximizing your chances for success.

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