List of Investors

Investors List Tailored to Your Needs | US & International

This list of investors combines specialized series of investor data lists that allow to target savvy affluent investors, US investors, UK investors, International investors, real estate investors, small business investors, High Net Worth Individuals, traders in commodities, FOREX, property, stocks, CFD, and Futures & Options, Spreadbetters.

Recommended Lists of Investors

Here is a selection of just a few examples of the investor data files available through US Marketing Management Inc.

List of Accredited Investors at Home

Accredited Investors is an exceptional file of over 4.3 million individuals. All contacts are available at home postal addresses and via telephone.

  • All have a net worth of $2 million +
  • Fully selectable by their investment type eg stocks & bonds, real estate shelters, mutual funds
  • Income over $250,000 pa

The profile of this database is exceptional. It includes senior executives, business owners, yacht and plane owners, and millionaires.

This file is great for all types of financial promotion and investment opportunities. It is also ideal for newsletter and magazine subscriptions, high-value goods, travel and luxury items.


Postal addresses (one time use) $160 per 1000, (unlimited use) $300 per 1000. Selections available at $15 per 1000 except telephone and investor type which is $30 per 1000


Age, Gender, Home value, Investor type, Occupation, State, Telephone

UK Investors List

The UK Investor data and High Net Worth Individuals files are a collection of different files from various online financial publishers. You can reach over 300,000 of the UK’s most savvy investors looking for genuine investment opportunities such as:

  • Property investment
  • Alternative investments like gold, art, oil
  • Commodities
  • Stocks and equities
  • Spreadbetting
  • Trading
  • CFD’s

The Investor data list contains wealthy UK nationals with large investment portfolios. These files are email only. The files are ideal for all investment offers.


The files are various sizes and have bespoke pricing. Please click the link below to be sent more details about appropriate files.


These are email files. The publishers allow solus email messages to be sent to the full lists.

List of International Investors

One of the largest international investor data files in the world. This data derives from financial publishers of the Advanced Finance Network.  The Advanced Finance Network were the first to deliver professional trading information to UK private investors in 1999. The publishers now provide unrivalled coverage of stock exchanges, commodities and currency markets from around the world. They have over 2 million registered users, many of which are available for marketing communications. The files profile is 30 – 54-year-old males of high net worth, that are trading and investing on a daily and weekly basis.

Summary of a selection of the email lists:

  • UK: 91,788
  • USA: 118,000
  • Canada: 13,000
  • Germany: 13,698
  • Philippines: 17,193
  • India: 56,142
  • Italy: 60,000
  • France: 32,506
  • Brazil: 200,000
  • Australia, New Zealand and Singapore: 7,776
  • Japan: 49,390
  • South Africa: 2,000
  • Spanish Speaking: 14,000
  • Asia: 19,000
  • China: 3,000
  • Middle East: 9,000

Country or region


The pricing depends upon the countries required and the volumes available. The file is an closed subscription email file so the data is never released. The data is available to broadcast to on a one off basis, and is controlled by the publishers. Send us your requirements and we will come back to you with the volumes and cost options

Wealthy Families of America – the enhanced wealth database

The enhanced wealth database is the largest file covering the wealthiest families in the United States

  • 9 million postal names (many with telephones)
  • 3 million email addresses

This is a file of the very wealthiest families in the United States. The data is collected and enhanced using more than 80 separate sources covering the individuals’ financial situation, actual transactional data, ownership data, as well as real estate and investment holdings and registers.

  • Net worth $5 million
  • 300,000 airplane and yacht owners
  • 270,000 art collectors
  • 75,000 mansion owners

The minimum order is 5000 records

This file is ideal for all types of investment offers as well as luxury goods and services.


Age, Aircraft owners, Auto make ($30 per 1000), Business Owners, Dwelling Type, Ethnicity, Gender, Home Owner, Home Value, Net Worth, Occupation ($30 per 1000), Portfolio size, Yacht owner ($30 per 1000). All selections, unless marked otherwise, are $25 per 1000


Postal: one time use $100 per 1000, unlimited use $220 per 1000

Email: $130 per 1000 with a minimum order of 5000

List of Investors = FAQ

  • Will I have to get my creative passed through the publishers’ compliance team?

Yes. This is a standard process. If the creative includes content that the publishers are not happy to distribute to their subscribers, they will not allow the broadcast to take place. We always recommend sending a copy of your campaign creative to us at the initial briefing stage, so that we can get the most appropriate publishers approval early in the quotation process.

  • Are the International Investor files email only?

Yes. This is the easiest and most cost effective way of contacting the subscribers. Full reporting is given post broadcast.

  • Can we make selections on International investor files?

The files tend to be collected in such a way that they are self selecting. Some files are subscribers of property investment publishers for example. Others will be subscribers to more equities based websites and publishers. Still more will be more general in nature looking at everything from day trading to FOREX. Publishers will want to broadcast to the entire lists and not to subsets.

  • Can you release international investor data to me?

No. The international investor data comes from closed circulation subscription files. These are maintained and used by the financial publishers to which the data subjects have subscribed. Therefore you can access these files via a solus email. These will be routinely sent out to the publishers databases.

  • Can you release USA investor data?

Yes. This often includes the telephone number of the named individual.

John and the team at USMM have been fantastic. They've been understanding with changing deadlines and projects that have had to be delivered to short timelines. Our direct mail goes out in up to four different formats, adding complexity to a large mailout and the team have always handled this well, getting everything out to time and budget.
Charlotte, National Charity⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
I have used US Marketing Management as my primary source for list rental and email marketing for around 10 years. The nature of the campaigns we work on usually involves quite obscure and precise targets and rarely if ever have US Marketing Management failed to come up with good quality data.
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I have worked with US Marketing Management for more than 10 years, taking their expertise and professionalism with me whenever I’ve moved to new digital marketing positions. They offer the advice, quality and technical ability of a large company, but the flexibility and reaction times of a start up.
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