USMM offers a wide range of data cleaning services including email appending, postal and telephone database cleaning, data deduping, email data cleansing, database auditing and analysis, data formating, data segmentation, and data appending.

Importance of Data Cleaning

Get started on your email and postal marketing campaign with clean, fresh data. Our data cleaning services will help you identify old inaccurate records and replace or modify them with up to date information. Clean data will hugely impact your return on marketing investment.

After signing a non disclosure agreement we would take your database and run a number of deduping processes. This may be based on your choice of unique field or ID, or we would create one for you by concatenating (joining) more than one field with another e.g. surname and post code.

Data Cleaning

Deduping is the straight forward removal of duplicate records. Also it can create one record per address or institution. Also, we can  merge the best information from one record with information from another where certain information is missing.

Whether you are planning a CRM data clean up or just want us to tidy up your B2B data list, this data cleaning service is very versatile and will be tailored to your needs.

Data Cleaning services

Email Data Cleansing

Email database cleansing and email validation are important housekeeping activities, as poor quality email data may affect the deliverability for the rest of the database. We can de-dupe, cleanse and merge your email data for you, ensuring your email list consists of unique and active subscribers.

Scrubbing Telephone Data

Telephone campaigns must meet stringent legal requirements. All data must be run through the latest version of DNC (Do Not Call) which is updated every 28 days. If you are planning a telephone campaign then you will need a SAN number (Subscription Account Number). We will need this number in order to ensure our compliance to the DNC.

Mailing List Data Cleaning

USMM can reduce your mailing costs by ensuring that the data you use for your mailing campaign is as fresh and up-to-date as possible, and complies with industry best practice. The first step in this process is to make your data ready to be run through various processes. This involves identifying potential problem records and standardising the records so that they will match the clean records databases. This is great quality control and will help the data through the various processes.

The processes include:

Merge/Purge to reduce duplicates.
Address Coding which standardises and verifies postal addresses. Will includes the correction of ZIP codes. Address Coding can usually be done on 95% of records which improves posting qualification and lowers costs.
Delivery Point Validation or DPV
Second Generation Delivery Sequence File or DSF2
Locatable Address Conversion System or LACS
Change of Address Service

Data Formating and Cleaning

This covers a multiple of things from:

  • changing capitalisation to upper and lower case
  • tidying up of odd characters and rogue spacing
  • suppressing blank records
  • flagging incomplete records for follow up

In fact it’s all the messy little jobs that need doing to get your database in tip top working order. It is particularly useful if you have data captured from client based direct entry forms.

Deduping, appending, consolidation, analysis, formating and segmentation are just some of the database tasks that we can carry out. If you have a specific requirement not covered here please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

data formating