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Founder: John McCabe - PresidentPresident

Founder: John McCabe

John McCabe is the Founder and President of US Marketing Management Inc.

He has over 25 years direct marketing experience, and has worked with some of the largest companies around the world.
Following a number of years as Sales & Marketing Director at a leading UK agency, John decided it was time to branch out on his own. He founded UK Marketing Management Ltd (UKMM) in 2001. UKMM grew quickly. It is now one of the most respected data providers in Europe, with clients around the world. John has built a strong and detailed knowledge of the global B2B data sector. He has an acknowledged expertize in email broadcasting as well as sourcing international data and global investor data. John sees US Marketing Management Inc. as the next stage in the development of an international data network. This network is an alliance of quality suppliers - something that the industry has needed for many years. This will help standardize b2b data, and bring it up to the highest compliance norms. On a personal note John is a keen motorboater, and has competed at a high level in competitions in Spain. He also enjoys paddleboarding, fitness and learning Spanish!

US Marketing Management Inc. – Your Online Data Brokers

US Marketing Management Inc. is a multi-service direct mail, data and email marketing agency.

Our mission is to provide our clients with quality marketing data, expert consultancy and world class mailing and broadcasting services. We will bring together the finest US postal and mail service providers, alongside a technologically advanced email broadcasting platform, for true multi-channel marketing. The services will be supported with an exciting portfolio of data services, both in the US and internationally.

Drawing on vast experience in Europe and around the world, our team will bring these services together to gel with your marketing aspirations. Our aim is to be part of your marketing team to meet and exceed your expectations.

Based in the heart of New York City, we are perfectly placed to handle all your direct marketing requirements. We have clients throughout the United States and beyond, all benefiting from our professional, experienced approach.