List of Telecommunication Companies | 289,924 Records | From C-Level to Managers

The telecommunications sector consists of those companies involved in communication infrastructure and transmitting data – whether written, vocal or video – often on a global scale. It consists of many sub-sectors, including telephone companies, internet providers, satellite communications companies and cable companies.

This list is updated regularly and is perfect for those looking to getting involved with an industry that was valued at US$2.4 trillion in 2019 and which is home to some of the most innovative companies in the world today.

What does list of telecommunication companies include?

The list of telecommunications companies is regularly updated and modified to reflect the fast paced nature of the sector. This database is a set of files aimed at the telecoms sector.

List includes full name, company name, url, email, address, company revenue indicator, company size indicator and other fields for each record. Contacts can be filtered down according to your needs.

Previous users of these lists include conference, seminars and exhibition organizers, catalog companies, credit card companies, computing & IT equipment, business management and development companies.

Telecommunication companies list

Telecommunication Companies List by Job

The list below shows the number of contacts available to you and segmented by job titles. Whether you want to talk to Hewlett-Packard sales manager or local satellite dish installer, we can help you to send your message to the right people.

These are US only contacts, so if you require international data, just get in touch and we will provide you with relevant data counts estimates and prices.

satellite dish installation database
  • Owner/ Founder: 5,581 contacts
  • President/ CEO: 4,684 contacts
  • CFO: 1,974 contacts
  • CIO/ CTO: 597 contacts
  • COO: 544 contacts
  • Chief’s: 4,032 contacts
  • Partner: 2,326 contacts
  • Managing Director: 4,725 contacts
  • General Manager: 3,004 contacts
  • VP’s: 20,371 contacts
  • HR Directors: 1,102 contacts
  • Operation Manager: 10,324 contacts
  • Sales & Marketing Decision Makers: 18,447 contacts
  • IT Decision Makers: 7,237 contacts
  • Directors: 50,035 contacts
  • Managers: 154,941 contacts

Telecommunication companies database by job