HR Executives Email List

HR Executives Email List

HR Executives Email List | 140,311 Email Addresses| Includes Phone & Postal Data

Our HR executives email database allows you to contact Human Resources and Personnel professionals directly, and in bulk. Using this email list you will be able to open up new business opportunities across the US by talking to the right people. The email list consists of 140,311  records and can be narrowed down my multiple criteria including organisation size, sector and location.

140,311 HR Executive Contacts. Each record includes:

  • Full Name of the HR executive
  • A Personal Business Email Address (not generic)
  • Exact Job Title
  • Job level (executive, manager, director, VP, C-level)
  • Company Name and website address
  • Full Mailing Address with City, State, Zip Code
  • Organization level Phone & Fax Numbers
  • Industry
  • Company Revenue & Employee Size Indicator

Email Lists Quality Promise

  • Your list will be build to your specification
  • Free data samples to give you insight into the quality and field layout
  • 95% deliverability guarantee
  • Free hard bounce replacement 1:1 over the threshold
  • Hundreds of selection criteria: job titles, seniority, industries and sectors, revenue, company size, sic codes or even by keyword.
  • CAN-SPAM Act compliant data
  • Data is cleansed and verified prior to be sent to you
  • Buy with confidence through your personal account manager

hr executives email list

Who Should Use the HR Executives Email List?

Human resources is increasingly being seen as a critical part of an organizations structure. Often the Head of HR is a board level appointment so securing the services of these key individuals is important. This email database is hugely important for recruiters, recruitment agencies and providers of employee benefits and rewards schemes.

The HR executives email list may be helpful if you are:

  • seeking to recruit a HR professional in your company
  • exhibition organizer of HR related events
  • a recruitment agency with HR vacancies
  • employee benefits provider
  • employee rewards provider
  • publishers of personnel related material
  • a training company looking to expand into corporates through HR departments

HR Executives Email List: Job Overview

With our HR Executives Email List you’ll be able to target the key people you want to talk to based on their business type, location, business size and more.

The HR department are responsible for:

  • Recruitment
  • Hiring process
  • Company benefits
  • Training
  • Employee forums
  • Performance reviews
  • Employment law
  • Wellness/mental health

Since HR departments are responsible for so many functions within a business, our list of over 140k HR executives and managers will help you to reach the heart of any organization.

hr executives email database

HR Executives Email List FAQ

How can you get a list of emails of the HR departments of the leading IT, computer and electronics companies?

  • As manual research is too time-consuming, you can just contact us and we will run a search for HR contacts, whilst refining it by industry, sub-industry and company size or revenue. This way you will be left with HR contacts of only those companies that you’d like to target.

How can I get in contact with HR of IT companies in India?

  • We can help you to build your own contact list of HR employed within IT companies in India. The list will include their positions, company names, and contact details and will be narrowed down to India or certain parts of India if you have any preferences.

How do I get the HR contact details of a company?

  • If you need to contact HR of a specific company, try calling the company directly and just ask for an email.
  • Alternatively, you may try to find the person on LinkedIn and message them directly.
  • You can also try using the email finder service if you know the name of the HR person. This service allows you to do a few searches for free and is perfect for such cases.