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This is an ever-growing list and has now started to include Wellness as our understanding of the importance of mental health increases. As the HR department are responsible for so many functions within a business, our list of over 70,000 HR managers will help you to reach the heart of any organisation.

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Why use the HR Managers Contact List

We think it’s important to provide you with valuable data and the HR department are one of the most valuable departments in any business. With our HR Managers Contact List you’ll be able to target the key people based on their business type, location, business size and more! Speak to one of our agents today to find out more.

HR (Human Resources) is a fundamental part of any organisation. Responsible for:

  • Recruitment
  • Hiring process
  • Company benefits
  • Training
  • Employee forums
  • Performance tracking

HR Managers Contact List: HR Overview

The term ‘Human Resources’ first appeared in the 1960’s, when the appreciation of the workforce started to gain traction.

Studies showed that supporting your employees really increased motivation to do a good job, increased job satisfaction and in turn reduced employee turnover – one of the biggest expenses in any organisation.

Nowadays HR plays an important role in organisations, taking care of pay, performance management, training and development, recruitment and onboarding.

If you are seeking to contact HR professionals – talk to us about your project and we will help you to pick the best data for your needs.

HR Managers Contact List