C-Level Executives List

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You’ll have access to the contact details of over 500k C-Level executives across the US. Email addresses, phone numbers and more. As well as details of their industry, allowing you to target the right people for your strategy.

C-Level Executives List

Who are C-Level Executives?

C-level jobs are the top executive or highest level corporate positions in a company, the ‘C’ stands for Chief. As well as a graduate degree, most C-Level execs have many years of experience.

We’ll essentially be giving you access to the top tier of all major businesses in the US. This will enable you to get in touch with the decision makers of the companies you wish to target.

Our C-Level executive database consists of 554,526 individual contacts.

C-Level Executives List Sample Data

Below is a data sample for this database. Request a free data sample to reveal hidden information.

Dummy Data

Company HQ USA
Website www.hqusa.com
Salutation Mr
Contact Name Joe Dodds
Job Title CEO, Owner
Job Level C-Level
Job Function Management
Email Address joe-dodds@hqusa.com
Physical Address 3290 Phaniel Church Road
City Rockwell
State North Carolina
Zip/Post Code 28138
Country USA
Time Zone Eastern Standard Time (EST)
Phone Number 123 465 789
Industry Computer Hardware
Annual Revenue $50 mil. – $100 mil.
Employee Size 200 – 500

Sample Data

C-level Sample Data

C-Levels Executives List by Industry

This list below shows a breakdown of this database by company industry. Depending on your project, you will be willing to narrow down your data selection accordingly to contact only the right people in charge, as that’s how you get a higher conversion rates.

  • Agriculture: 3,079 C-Level Executives
  • Business Services: 68,350 C-Level Executives
  • Chambers of Commerce: 992 C-Level Executives
  • Cities, Towns & Municipalities: 11,373 C-Level Executives
  • Construction: 38,772 C-Level Executives
  • Consumer Services: 12,237 C-Level Executives
  • Cultural: 2,256 C-Level Executives
  • Education: 29,369 C-Level Executives
  • Energy, Utilities & Waste Treatment: 14,267 C-Level Executives
  • Finance: 41,789 C-Level Executives
  • Government: 26,272 C-Level Executives
  • Healthcare: 43,265 C-Level Executives
  • Hospitality: 13,407 C-Level Executives
  • Insurance: 18,332 C-Level Executives
  • Law Firms & Legal Services: 5,836 C-Level Executives
  • Manufacturing: 55,652 C-Level Executives
  • Media & Internet: 13,415 C-Level Executives
  • Metals & Mining: 6,506 C-Level Executives
  • Organizations: 32,999 C-Level Executives
  • Real Estate: 23,260 C-Level Executives
  • Retail: 24,651 C-Level Executives
  • Software: 42,315 C-Level Executives
  • Telecommunications: 5,894 C-Level Executives
  • Transportation: 13,295 C-Level Executives

How Many C-Level Executives Can I Contact?

Whilst our data list consists of thousands entries, it is likely that you are looking to approach only specific job titles or people engaged in specific professions only. The graph below shows number of contacts available for top 15 most popular C-Level job titles. Our database consists of over 60 C-Level positions, from CEOs to Chief Procurement Officers and Chief Visionary Officers.

US C-Level Executives by Data count

C-Level Executives List Explained

CEO – Chief Executive Officer

At the top of the corporate hierarchy, sits the CEO. This person oversees all business operations and drives the strategy of the business. They’re responsible for the overall success of the company and all other C-Level executives report into the CEO. The CEO may also be the founder/co-founder of the business. View CEO email list.

COO – Chief Operating Officer

Usually second in command to the CEO and responsible for the appropriate execution of the business strategy, the COO ensures the company is a well-oiled machine.

CFO – Chief Financial Officer

The CFO oversees the financial status and reporting for the entire company. They manage all financial aspects of the business including risk analysis and long term budgeting. View CFO email list.

CMO – Chief Marketing Officer

Responsible for the creation and implementation of all marketing strategies within the business. The CMO will guide the company on all types of marketing including advertising, digital marketing including email strategy, events and product positioning.

CIO – Chief Investment Officer

The responsibilities of the CIO include managing and monitoring investment activity such as pension funds, working with external analysts, and maintaining good investor relations.

CTO – Chief Technology Officer

The CTO develops policies and procedures using technology to enhance products and services that focus on the businesses external customers.

CDO – Chief Digital Officer

The Chief Digital Officer will drive a company to diversify from their ‘analogue’ processes to digital ones. They will also oversee operations in the digital sphere such as websites, mobile apps etc.

CHRO – Chief Human Resources Officer

Responsible for all things people related, the CHRO will oversee the companies direction on hiring, promoting, training and evaluating their people.

CIO – Chief Information Officer

Responsible for managing and successfully implementing the information and computer technology systems of a company.


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