List of Freight Shipping Companies

List of Freight Shipping Companies | Email & Phone Data | 40k Individual Records

The global freight forwarding market is expected to grow by 3.5% between 2020 and 2025. There are a number of reasons for this:

  • The growth in international trade volumes and rise in trade agreements between countries
  • The booming e-commerce market
  • The growing demand for transport of perishables and life sciences/Healthcare sector
  • Technology – Companies, carriers, are digitizing their processes and developing integrated IT infrastructure.
  • The growth of the SME market worldwide, who use online booking platforms

This sector is become increasingly important to suppliers and clients alike. Our Freight Companies data will allow you to target executives within these organisations. We have contacts at the highest level from CEO and CFO through to logistics professionals.

List of Freight Shipping Companies in the US

If you want to target people at freight shipping companies in the USA only, you can get access to email and phone data for 7684 companies with almost 40k individual contacts, all on a decision-making level of seniority.

The list can be broken down by geography, category of the company, company size and other parameters, below you can see an example of how many contacts can you get per business category.

  • Deep Sea-Foreign Transport of Freight : 148 companies, 655 contacts
  • Ocean-Freight : 95 companies, 426 contacts
  • Deep Sea-Domestic Transport of Freight : 14 companies, 72 contacts
  • Water Transportation of Freight NEC : 121 companies, 534 contacts
  • Containerized Freight & Cargo Service : 655 companies, 2911 contacts
  • Freight Brokers & Agents : 3864 companies, 20963 contacts
  • Consolidator: 732 companies, 3724 contacts
  • Customs Brokers: 2055 companies, 9672 contacts
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Logistics industry stats 2020
World's largest trucking companies (May 2020)

List of Freight Shipping Companies Worldwide

In our age of globalization and digitization freight companies need to react and adjust rapidly to be able to compete and survive.

This chart shows the world’s largest trucking companies as of May 2020, based on market value. With a market value of around 23.1 billion U.S. dollars as of May 2020, Danish company DSV was ranked first, while Japan-based Nippon Express came in sixth. (Statista)

With our database of shipping companies worldwide and in the USA you can talk directly to the key people of some of the largest companies as well as to the small local trucking companies, depending on requirements of your project.

Contact us with your specific requirements and you will get a list that includes only those people with whom you would like to have business.


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