Oracle Users Mailing List

Oracle Users Mailing List | List of Companies Using Oracle | Mailing List of Senior Decision-Makers

Our Oracle mailing list includes contact details of managers, directors and other senior decision-makers with their names, email addresses and telephone numbers. The list can be filtered by industry, company size, number of employees and many other metrics.

Oracle is a computer technology corporation designed for enterprises. They have a range of software including Oracle EBS (E-Business Suite), Oracle Database, and Oracle Cloud. Here at USMM, we have access to a vast database of companies and contact details using Oracle. Read further to discover what our list includes and how we can support.

Oracle Users Mailing List Dummy Data

All of our lists include the following information: Salutation, Full Name, Company Name, Company Website, Email Address, Telephone Number, Mailing Address, Job Title, Industry, Revenue Size Indicator, Employee Size Indicator and other information. The below information is dummy data for a company using Oracle, so you can see how the information is presented.

Company: Smith Technology
Salutation: Mr
Contact Name: John Smith
Job Title: Chief Financial Officer
Job Level: C-Level
Job Function: Financial
Physical Address: 123 London Road
City: New York
State: New York
Zip/Post Code: 10001
Country: USA
Time Zone: Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)
Tel Number: 0123 456 789
Industry: Financial Services
Revenue: $500 mil. – $1 bil.
Employee Size: 1,000 – 5,000
Category: Oracle EBS

Number of Contacts in the Oracle Users Mailing List

The mailing list of Oracle users can be broken down by specific software. At the time of writing this, we have the following number of companies and contact details under each category. Please contact us for a more up to date count.

Oracle Database Users – 2,275 Companies with 10,963 Contacts
Oracle EBS Users – 1,478 Companies with 6,798 Contacts
Oracle Cloud Users – 1,557 Companies with 7,365 Contacts
Oracle Users – 8,493 Companies with 39,041 Contacts

oracle user

Oracle Users Mailing List by Industry

The below list shows the number of companies using Oracle EBS broken down by the industry in which they operate. If you prefer to reach out to specific industries only or want to tailor your communications for each industry to address their specific challenges, you can estimate how many contacts are available to you.

  • Agriculture – 87 Contacts
  • Business Services – 755 Contacts
  • Cities, Towns & Municipalities – 72 Contacts
  • Construction – 299 Contacts
  • Consumer Services – 127 Contacts
  • Cultural – 10 Contacts
  • Education – 211 Contacts
  • Energy, Utilities & Waste Treatment – 180 Contacts
  • Finance – 341 Contacts
  • Government – 158 Contacts
  • Healthcare – 284 Contacts
  • Hospitality – 267 Contacts
  • Insurance – 106 Contacts
  • Law Firms & Legal Services – 89 Contacts
  • Manufacturing – 1,257 Contacts
  • Media & Internet – 114 Contacts
  • Metals & Mining – 156 Contacts
  • Organizations – 65 Contacts
  • Real Estate – 138 Contacts
  • Retail – 776 Contacts
  • Software – 1,110 Contacts
  • Telecommunications – 124 Contacts
  • Transportation – 72 Contacts


Oracle Users Mailing List by Revenue

Another fantastic way to filter your audience is to look at the size of their company by revenue. Multi-billion revenue companies are likely to have different pain points from smaller companies. When approaching your target audience, consider the size of their business and what to include in your communications to get the best possible return on investment.

  • $500,000 – $1 mil. – 42 Contacts
  • $1 mil. – $5 mil. – 210 Contacts
  • $5 mil. – $10 mil. – 511 Contacts
  • $10 mil. – $25 mil. – 604 Contacts
  • $25 mil. – $50 mil. – 750 Contacts
  • $50 mil. – $100 mil. – 1,267 Contacts
  • $100 mil. – $250 mil. – 562 Contacts
  • $250 mil. – $500 mil. – 490 Contacts
  • $500 mil. – $1 bil. – 588 Contacts
  • $1 bil. – $5 bil. – 634 Contacts
  • Over $5 bil. – 1,140 Contacts


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