Farmers Email Database | Email, Phone & Postal Data | Sample Data Available

Our farmers database consists of 1,699 farmers.

This is a very small and niche database, focusing on farmers. Let us know what your requirements are and we can narrow it down for you.

If you are looking to promote your farm machinery or leasing options then this is an ideal option for you. In addition, anyone that is promoting other products and services to the agricultural or horticultural sectors then this database will work well.

Farmers Email Database – Industry Overview

Globally, 60% of the world’s population works in agriculture, and the sector has grown by between 2% and 4% annually for over fifty years, as populations have increased and people’s diets have become more varied. The agricultural sector was estimated to be worth US$8Trillion globally in 2018.

What Does Farmers Email Database Include?

This database contain contacts that have job titles such as Managing Director and Finance Director as well as the more traditional “farmer” job titles.

The list contains those contacts that actually farm the soil as well as contacts that perform other company tasks such as finance and operations on the farms. It also has contacts at companies that support the farming industry.

The list contains the following information for all records:

  • Personal Business email address (not generic)
  • Company Name
  • Company URL
  • Full name for salutation
  • First name
  • Surname
  • Job Title
  • Mailing address with postcode
  • Company Phone Number
  • Fax Number where available
  • Industry
  • Revenue size indicator
  • Employee size indicator

Farmers Email Database