Angel Investor List

Angel Investors List

Angel Investors List | Contact Names & Email Addresses

The angel investors and EIS Investor lists are all subscription based. The lists contain people who have subscribed to receive investment offers. They have high liquidity and ready and waiting to listen to your proposition. These lists are highly responsive to good investment offers.

The lists are owned and controlled by large financial publishers who will undertake the email broadcasts or postal campaign on your behalf. The message content however, once approved, will be all yours.

We are here to help your find the best equity investor list for you.

Angel Investor Contacts. You get

  • Investors list that matches your project profile
  • Advise on your marketing message
  • Postal or email campaigns
  • Narrowing down inverstors by investment value or interests

Email Lists Quality Promise

  • Your list will be build to your specification
  • Free oversupply on your order
  • Hundreds of selection criteria: job titles, seniority, industries and sectors, revenue, company size, sic codes or even by keyword.
  • CAN-SPAM Act compliant data

Angels Investors Lists – EIS Select

A well preserved under exposed database of investors into a variety of EIS investments. The list is proven for stock-based opportunities and private equity.

We are continually searching for new opportunities for our network of worldwide investors, which is built initially for subscribers into EIS and other private company-based products and news.

Our subscribers are proven to respond to a myriad of opportunities including IPO’s, stocks & shares, passive income streams, bonds & and commodities.

  • 100,000 emails

Other Angel Investor Lists

We collaborate with hundreds of  publishers and financial publications, allowing you to send your message directly to investors of your choice. Below are a few more examples of popular, well converting angel investor lists.


Top performing lists for small business owners

We provide the UK’s most cost-effective route to market for companies looking to target business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs, business buyers and private equity investors.

Chieftains is the world’s most popular website for buying or selling a business.

Established in 1996, the website is both a marketplace of businesses for sale and a rich resource for investors looking for routes into the best private equity investments.

  • 70,000 emails

Investor Offers

Over the last 4 years our active investors and traders have signed up newsletters, market anaylsis, expert alerts, webinars, and market leading content on Investment and Trading options such as Stocks, CFDs, EIS, Property, Cryptocurrencies, Bonds, Crowdfunding, Funds and Forex.

Websites and newsletter themes include: Crypto Investors and FX Traders. We provide information on currency trading technology, fair dealing practices, Forex charting, with a large dash Forex news!

  • 58,000 emails

Fat Prophets

Stock research community – highly liquidity and desire to make money passively.

Fat Prophets was founded in 2000 by Sydney stockbroker Angus Geddes. The company has since grown to become an internationally recognised and trusted financial services brand. From modest beginnings in Australia, Fat Prophets has expanded its footprint to include offices in Sydney, London and Auckland.

Our research and investment return track record speaks for itself, which is why we make all of our results available to you. We also guarantee that our research and reports are completely objective and are not paid by any of the companies that we recommend.

100,000 emails


Invest to accumulate

Excellent quality Investment CPL provider

Invest to accumulate is a resource for anyone interested in money matters, investing and creating wealth. With regular online updates, events & seminars. We help you make informed decisions in the world of property and investing. PARTNER with us to deliver the RIGHT ENQUIRIES for YOUR PRODUCT & SERVICES. Our experience in managing custom audiences and targeting the correct online media for investors will deliver the right types of clients and ultimately an excellent return on investment.

  • 50 Leads

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