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Data Broker

US Marketing Management Inc. data broker is a multi-service direct mail, email and data and email data services provider. Our mission is to provide our clients with quality marketing data, expert consultancy and world class mailing services.

Email Lists

If you are looking to buy an email list for your marketing campaign, or searching for a reliable mailing data supplier to work with for a long time, we will be delighted to support you with your projects.

We source our data ethically, through exhibitions, subscriptions and our partners from around the world. We maintain data compliance and also can provide consultancy on how to stay compliant beyond the scope of our project.

Email Lists Examples

Below you can find some examples of data that is available to you. Let us know your exact requirements to get a free bespoke overview of what data you could get.

Why choose us?

  • Fast and efficient service
  • We work with you as part of your team
  • Experts help fine-tune your count requests
  • Founder has 25 yrs International DM experience
  • Data is all legal and compliant
  • Business lists and Consumer lists for  mailing & email
  • Vast number of filters for targeting
  • Free samples on request
  • Quality guarantee thresholds on hard bounces
  • Low minimum orders
  • Best pricing

Best Selling Business and Consumer Lists:

The USA Business List is one of the largest and freshest data lists in the USA. With over 12 million records constantly verified and cleansed, this file is perfect to target contacts from C-level executives to managers and specialists. Filter by industry, title, location, organization size and job title, this file is super flexible. All records come complete with contacts name, company address, telephone and contact email address.

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American Consumer List:

212 million households in the USA, and over 190 million email addresses. This is the largest file of its type available for marketing.

Data is collated from over 30 sources and has 150 different filters.

Contact US consumers by post, telephone or email.

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The UK Business List set is the largest list in Europe and benefits from being entirely English speakers. All contacts are fully verified and compliant with all current legislation.

Target by Industry, company size, job title and location.

Data fields include company name, address and telephone number as well as contacts name and email address.

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The European Business List covers all the major countries of Europe. Uniquely the 764,000 contacts are all English speakers, so that makes communications very easy. The file is focused on C-level and managerial levels, with real buying power within their organizations.

This file is perfect for event registrations, journal subscriptions and product sales.

All records have email addresses, postal addresses and company telephone numbers.

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One of the largest Global C-level Business Lists in the world.

All English speakers, which makes communications very easy. Over 10 million records are corporate managerial level and above, with a further 10 million specialists, professionals and public sector.

The people on this file have immense purchasing power.

Contact them by phone, post or email.

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We have access to many US and overseas Investor Lists, with some of the wealthiest investors in the world. The files are all maintained to the highest levels. Many of the files have email addresses and telephone numbers.

US Investors can be found on files such as Accredited Investor at Home and The Wealth Database.

UK Investors are accessed via a huge number of specialist files, usually by email.  They are highly targeted and full of savvy investors and high net worth individuals. (HNWI)

International and overseas investors can be targeted by using our specialist group of network files. They can be reached by email.

Trusted Online Data Broker

Quality, fully verified Business Lists and Consumer Lists for mailing and email – USA, Europe and Global. Free counts and samples. Best pricing.

US Marketing Management Inc. has a huge portfolio of opt-in Business lists and Consumer lists for  mailing and email, making us the ideal one stop shop for direct marketing and lists.