Marketing Directors Email List

Marketing Directors Email List | 192,954 Records | Verified & Reliable Data

Whether you’re looking to connect with Marketing Directors across all industries, or in a specific industry, our Marketing Directors’ email list will help. Depending on your criteria, we can provide you with up to 192,954 email contacts. With this information, you can tailor your approach to each contact, maximising the possible conversion rate.

Marketing Directors are responsible for supervising marketing and communication strategies within their respective businesses. They typically oversee the overall company image and branding. Their years of experience enable them to analyze competitors and adjust their strategies accordingly. Marketing strategies often encompass seasonal events, budgeting, and competitor analysis.

192,954 Marketing Director Contacts. Each Includes:

  • Marketing Director’s Full Name
  • Marketing Director’s Personal Business Email Address (not generic)
  • Exact Job Title
  • Company Name & URL
  • Marketing Director’s Mailing Address with City, State, Post Code, Country
  • Marketing Director’s Phone & Fax Numbers
  • Company Industry
  • Company Revenue & Employee Size Indicator

Email Lists Quality Promise

  • Your list is built to your specification; better open rate and lower pricing
  • 95% deliverability guarantee
  • Complimentary 1:1 replacement for hard bounces exceeding the threshold
  • CAN-SPAM Act-compliant data
  • Outright purchase: you have full ownership and control over data.
  • A personal manager who chooses the best data selection for your project
  • 100+ credible and legitimate sources: manual research, survey and feedback forms, directories, conferences, trade fairs, industry magazine subscriptions, private email lists and so on
  • Email addresses are continuously updated for accuracy and relevance

Why Buy a Marketing Directors’ Email List From USMM?

Unlock Powerful Connections with Our Marketing Directors Email Database Tap into a goldmine of opportunity with our exclusive Marketing Directors Email Database. By gaining direct access to a highly targeted audience of marketing leaders, you’ll experience a range of benefits that elevate your marketing efforts:

  1. Precision Targeting: Reach decision-makers who matter the most. Your email list is curated to include only active and relevant marketing directors, ensuring your campaigns hit the bullseye every time.
  2. Time and Cost Savings: Say goodbye to hours spent on lead generation and manual search for contacts of required people. With our ready-to-use database, you can allocate resources to crafting compelling campaigns and strategies, driving efficiency and ROI.
  3. Enhanced Campaign Efficiency: Tailor your messaging to the unique needs of marketing directors. Increase engagement rates and conversions by delivering content that resonates with this influential audience.
  4. Extensive Reach: Access a vast collection of verified email addresses, encompassing marketing directors from diverse industries and locations.
  5. Segmentation Options: Customize your approach by segmenting data based on industry, company size, location, and more. Target exactly who you need to reach.
  6. Data Quality Assurance: Rest easy knowing our data undergoes rigorous verification and cleansing processes, ensuring accuracy and relevancy for your campaigns. We’re committed to providing fresh, up-to-date data. Our regular updates maintain the database’s accuracy and help you stay ahead of the curve.
Marketing Director Email List

US Marketing Directors Email List by Industry

We work with you to tailor our Marketing Director list for your needs. Whether you need specific locations to target or only require particular industry types – we’ll work with you to provide you with the right information.

The list below shows the number of US marketing directors available per industry:

  • Agriculture: 1,874 contacts
  • Business Services: 26,391 contacts
  • Chambers of Commerce: 168 contacts
  • Cities, Towns & Municipalities: 445 contacts
  • Construction: 5,329 contacts
  • Consumer Services: 4,567 contacts
  • Cultural: 800 contacts
  • Education: 8,426 contacts
  • Energy, Utilities & Waste Treatment: 2,793 contacts
  • Finance: 9,867 contacts
  • Government: 1,098 contacts
  • Healthcare: 11,850 contacts
  • Hospitality: 10,119 contacts
  • Insurance: 6,025 contacts
  • Law Firms & Legal Services: 1,614 contacts
  • Manufacturing: 34,590 contacts
  • Media & Internet: 8,393 contacts
  • Metals & Mining: 2,824 contacts
  • Organizations: 7,489 contacts
  • Real Estate: 5,375 contacts
  • Retail: 16,552 contacts
  • Software: 19,094 contacts
  • Telecommunications: 4,191 contacts
  • Transportation: 3,080 contacts

Global Marketing Directors Email List

Extend your reach beyond America with our worldwide B2B data. We hold 139,335 records for global marketing directors and similar job roles, all of them speak English.

The list below shows the number of global marketing directors available per industry. This list can be segmented per country.

  • Agriculture: 1,371 emails
  • Business Services: 17,520 emails
  • Chambers of Commerce: 34 emails
  • Cities, Towns & Municipalities: 398 emails
  • Construction: 2,921 emails
  • Consumer Services: 3,439 emails
  • Cultural: 523 emails
  • Education: 5,076 emails
  • Energy, Utilities & Waste Treatment: 1,662 emails
  • Finance: 7,257 emails
  • Government: 635 emails
  • Healthcare: 6,742 emails
  • Hospitality: 8,015 emails
  • Insurance: 2,673 emails
  • Law Firms & Legal Services: 1,010 emails
  • Manufacturing: 30,059 emails
  • Media & Internet: 6,521 emails
  • Metals & Mining: 2,145 emails
  • Organizations: 3,578 emails
  • Real Estate: 3,997 emails
  • Retail: 13,564 emails
  • Software: 13,595 emails
  • Telecommunications: 3,868 emails
  • Transportation: 2,732 emails
I have used US Marketing Management as my primary source for list rental and email marketing for around 10 years. The nature of the campaigns we work on usually involves quite obscure and precise targets and rarely if ever have US Marketing Management failed to come up with good quality data.
Simon, MD, Marketing Agency⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
US Marketing Management gave us detailed advice on the data source that most suited our business needs and provided the data swiftly and in a user friendly format. We have now used the company's services twice and are impressed by it's efficient and targeted approach.
Stephen, Joint Managing Director, Films Production Company⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
We have been working with John and his team since the beginning of lockdown and where all other data suppliers have failed John has succeeded. I would fully recommend US Marketing Management as they seem to get the job done and goes out of his way to deal with our requirements.
Charley, Renewable Energy Consultant⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐