Fleet Manager Contact List

1,427 Fleet Maintenance Companies | 12,201 Fleet Managers Contact List

If you’re looking to make connections with fleet companies, our fleet managers contact list is perfect. With an enormous database, US Marketing Management can provide you with an up-to-date contact list which includes Fleet Managers, Fleet Maintenance Companies and Companies with Fleets. Our database is always growing so you can be sure to get the most relevant details instantly, meaning you can get those important conversations started right away.

With around 9 million corporate vehicles on the road in the United States and Canada, there is a huge audience of fleet managers available to be contacted. Need some help filtering those down into manageable contact lists? Get in touch with us today.

Number of Companies and Contacts in the Fleet Manager Contact List

The below table shows the number of fleet maintenance companies and fleet manager contacts we have in our database. They can be separated by US and UK companies to give you the correct target audience for your campaign.

Category Titles Geography Companies Contacts
All Businesses Fleet Managers US 4,056 12,201
All Businesses Fleet Managers UK 927 2,343
Fleet Maintenance Companies Decision Makers US 1,427 4,873
Fleet Maintenance Companies Decision Makers UK 494 1,992

fleet of vehicles

What is Included in the Fleet Manager Contact List?

Our lists can be filtered by several sub-categories enabling you to tailor your approach to each audience, getting the best possible response rate. The information can be narrowed down by the following records:

  • Personal Business email address (not generic)
  • Fleet Management Company Name
  • Company URL
  • First name
  • Surname
  • Job Title
  • Mailing address with postcode
  • Company Phone Number
  • Industry and more…

List of Top 10 Private Fleets in the US

The below list shows the top 10 private fleets operating in the US in 2019. There are more than 20,000 companies, excluding farmers, operating fleets in the United Stated and Canada and this list shows the top 10 based on number of vehicles in their fleet. Source: Fleetowner.com

Rank Company Industry City, State Total Number of Vehicles
1 AT&T Utilities & Like Services San Antonio, TX 66,879
2 PepsiCo Food Products Plano, TX 62,400
3 Comcast Corp. Business or Home Services Philadelphia, PA 37,000
4 Waste Management inc. Sanitation Houston, TX 32,056
5 Verizon Communications Utilities & Like Services Elmont, NY 20,011
6 Time Warner Cable Business or Home Services Charlotte, NC 19,903
7 Quanta Services Inc. & Subs. Construction Houston, TX 18,920
8 Republic Services Inc. Sanitation Phoenix, AZ 18,652
9 Waste Connections & Operating Co. Sanitation The Woodlands, TX 15,574
10 CenturyLink Utilities & Like Services Denver, CO 15,319