Banking Industry Email List

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This file contains the contact details of management professionals at all levels within the huge banking and financial sectors in the USA. The sector is worth $20tn USD.

Whilst banks are remaining true to their identity, they change the way they operate due to disruptions brought to the market by such forces as climate change, development of technologies and improving economies demanding lower borrowing rates. All these factors are opening up a lot of opportunities in the industry and our email list can help to present your offer to the right people and take advantage of those opportunities.

Who can benefit from the Banking Industries Email list?

Banking Industry Email List

This list can become an invaluable marketing asset for:

  • Event organisers and managers
  • Other companies within the financial services supply chain vertical
  • Investors
  • Exhibitions
  • HR companies and headhunters
  • Entrepreneurs and startups
  • Financial sector service providers

Anyone looking to contact representatives of a certain criteria involved in financial industry will be able to benefit from this database.

What industry sectors are covered with the Banking Industries Email list?

Our file splits this sector down into the main sub sectors covering retail banking, investment banking, insurance companies and other financial institutions. If you are interested in investment contacts, we also have a separate list of investors.

We can be more granular if required so please let us know who you would like to contact and we can run bespoke counts for you.

What does the Banking Industry Email List contain?

The contacts on the file cover the full spectrum of decision making job types, from the CEO at the top of the organisation through the C-level and Director levels and then on to the management levels.

Each record contains multiple fields of information, such as name, salutation, personal email, phone, address and others.

Below you can see the data counts for some of the available sectors.


  • Banking: 27,510 companies; 263,495 contacts
  • Brokerage: 15,483 companies; 108,527 contacts
  • Credit Cards & Transaction Processing: 1,992 companies; 6,624 contacts
  • Finance General: 5,437 companies; 20,468 contacts
  • Investment Banking: 20,125 companies; 208,233 contacts
  • Venture Capital & Private Equity: 2,078 companies; 5,899 contacts


  • Insurance Carriers: 6,534 companies; 30,762 contacts
  • Insurance Agents, Brokers & Services: 45,861 companies; 285,210 contacts