List of Health Insurance Companies | 43,978 Records | Fresh and Verified Data

Health insurance is a form of insurance that covers the risk of medical expenses arising from illness or injury. US$1.32 Trillion of health insurance premiums were paid in the United States alone in 2019, a 2% increase on 2018. Premiums were paid to almost 6,000 health insurance companies.

This regularly updated list includes contacts at many of those and is a valuable resource for anyone looking to contact health insurance providers.

What does list of health insurance companies include?

This list is regularly updated and modified. List includes full name, company name, URL, email, address, company revenue indicator, company size indicator and other fields for each record. Contacts can be filtered down according to your needs. Below you can find a couple of examples based on company type / industry subsector.

  • Casualty insurance carriers
  • Direct life insurance carriers
  • Health and medical insurance carriers
  • Reinsurance carriers
  • Insurance agencies and brokerages
  • Claims adjusting
  • Group hospitalization plans and HMO establishments
List of Health Insurance Companies

List of Health Insurance Companies by Job

The list below shows the number of contacts available to you and segmented by job titles. These are US only contacts, so if you require international data, just get in touch and we will provide you with relevant data counts estimates and prices.

List of Health Insurance Companies
  • Managers: 20,937 contacts
  • Directors: 8,569 contacts
  • VP’s: 5,065 contacts
  • Sales & Marketing Decision Makers: 1,834 contacts
  • IT Decision Makers: 1,436 contacts
  • Chief’s: 1,324 contacts
  • Operation Manager: 1,102 contacts
  • Managing Director: 974 contacts
  • Owner/ Founder: 968 contacts
  • Partner: 455 contacts
  • President/ CEO: 379 contacts
  • CFO: 262 contacts
  • General Manager: 221 contacts
  • COO: 189 contacts
  • HR Directors: 159 contacts
  • CIO/ CTO: 104 contacts