List of Real Estate Companies

List of Real Estate Companies

List of Real Estate Companies | 244,113 Contacts | From CEO to Managers

Real estate – broadly the land, property, buildings and air or ground space attached – is a large and complex industry with residential housing and commercial subsectors.

Real estate is the world’s most valuable type of asset, and was globally valued at US$228 Trillion in 2016, an increase of 5% from the year before. In advanced economies it accounts for the greatest part of personal and household wealth. Its income generating capacity makes real estate an attractive proposition, especially in times of low interest rates.

Talk to the right people in charge with the help of our real estate database. Real estate agent email list is also available.

List of Real Estate Companies – Database Overview

  • 244,113 US contacts employed in real estate companies
  • Named decision-makers
  • Real estate company name & URL
  • Name & Job Title
  • Personal Business Email Address (not generics)
  • Mailing Address with City, State, Post Code, Country
  • Phone & Fax Numbers
  • Industry
  • Revenue & employee size indicator

Data Lists Quality Promise

  • Contact lists build to your specification
  • Free data samples
  • 95% deliverability guarantee
  • Free hard bounce records replacement over the threshold
  • Hundreds of selection criteria: job titles, seniority, industries and sectors, revenue, company size, sic codes or even by keyword.
  • CAN-SPAM Act compliant data
  • Data is cleansed and verified prior to be sent to you

List of Real Estate Companies by Job

The list below shows the number of contacts available to you and segmented by job titles. Generally, real estate industry consists of three main sub-sectors: industrial real estate, commercial and residential one. We can provide you with data for any of these sectors and data can also be narrowed down based on your project and its requirements. For example, the list below shows data available by job title/ seniority.

• List of real estate companies
  • Managers: 90,253 contacts
  • VP’s: 48,642 contacts
  • Directors: 36,928 contacts
  • Owner/ Founder: 24,497 contacts
  • Partner: 6,930 contacts
  • Sales & Marketing Decision Makers: 5,867 contacts
  • President/ CEO: 5,766 contacts
  • Chief’s: 5,064 contacts
  • General Manager: 3,553 contacts
  • Managing Director: 3,419 contacts
  • CFO: 3,415 contacts
  • Operation Manager: 3,337 contacts
  • IT Decision Makers: 2,849 contacts
  • COO: 2,033 contacts
  • HR Directors: 1,212 contacts
  • CIO/ CTO: 348 contact

List of real estate companies by job

List of Real Estate Companies by Revenue

If you are looking to target top largest estate companies in the USA, we can help you. We can prepare a custom real estate contact database for you based on your requirements. For example, we have a total of 6,925 contacts for Senior Decision Makers from Top 10 Real Estate companies across USA.

real estate companies email database
  • $0-$5M: 19,075 Emails
  • $5M-$10M: 31,258 Emails
  • $10M-$25M: 10,051 Emails
  • $25M-$50M: 10,236 Emails
  • $50M-$100M: 7,510 Emails
  • $100M-$250M: 7,955 Emails
  • $250M-$500M: 5,074 Emails
  • $500M-$1B: 6,032 Emails
  • $1B-$5B: 16,251 Emails
  • $5B-$5B+: 13,478 Emails