Doctors Email List

Doctors Email List | 314,891 Contacts | Email & Phone Data

This email list is ideal for companies promoting their services to the healthcare sector. The database contains the contact details of over 300,000 doctors in the US. Doctors and physicians are hugely influential in the buying decisions of healthcare organisations. It is important when pitching your medical devices or pharmaceutical products that you reach the right audience.

The database is highly selectable and covers most specialisms. Save time and contact us to find out how many contacts are matching your requirements.

314,891 Doctor Contacts. Each Includes:

  • Doctor’s Full Name
  • Doctor’s Personal Business Email Address (not generic)
  • Exact Job Title
  • Company/Medical Establishment Name & URL
  • Doctor’s Mailing Address with City, State, Post Code, Country
  • Doctor’s Phone & Fax Numbers
  • Company Industry
  • Company Revenue & Employee Size Indicator

Email Lists Quality Promise

  • Your list is built to your specification; better open rate and lower pricing.
  • 95% deliverability guarantee
  • Complimentary 1:1 replacement for hard bounces exceeding the threshold
  • Hundreds of selection criteria: job titles, seniority, industries and sectors, revenue, company size, sic codes or even by keyword.
  • CAN-SPAM Act-compliant data
  • Data is cleansed and verified prior to being sent to you
  • Outright purchase: you have full ownership and control over data.

What Does Doctors Email List Include?

This database contains thousands of medical professionals employed in various subsectors.

List includes full name, company name, url, email, address, company revenue indicator, company size indicator and other fields for each record. Contacts can be filtered down according to your needs.

The list below will show you the split by specialisms.

Doctors Email List

Buy Doctors Email List USA by Specialism

The list below shows the number of contacts available to you and segmented by doctors’ specialism, so whether you are interested in dentists data or want to talk only to nurses – we can help.

These are US-only contacts, so if you require international data, just get in touch and we will provide you with relevant data counts estimates and prices.

  • Anesthesiology: 8,790 contacts
  • Audiology: 610 contacts
  • Auxology: 678 contacts
  • Cardiology: 5,128 contacts
  • Dentists: 4,132 contacts
  • Dermatology and Venereology: 4,810 contacts
  • Emergency Medicine: 7,956 contacts
  • Endocrinology: 2,633 contacts
  • Family medicine: 1,310 contacts
  • Gastroenterology: 3,466 contacts
  • General Surgery: 4,908 contacts
  • Geriatrics‎: 780 contacts
  • Hematology: 1,706 contacts
  • Immunology: 1,198 contacts
  • Infectious diseases: 1,015 contacts
  • Internal Medicine: 15,826 contacts
  • Interventional Radiology: 1,063 contacts
  • Medical genetics: 2,422 contacts
  • Medical microbiology: 2,385 contacts
  • Neonatology: 2,709 contacts
  • Nephrology: 4,721 contacts
  • Neurology: 9,215 contacts
  • Neurosurgery: 2,868 contacts
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology: 13,117 contacts
  • Oncology‎: 15,198 contacts
  • Ophthalmology: 11,675 contacts
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery: 1,695 contacts
  • Oral medicine: 4,391 contacts
  • Orthopedics: 9,420 contacts
  • Pain management: 2,558 contacts
  • Pathology: 7,621 contacts
  • Pediatrics: 16,028 contacts
  • Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine: 3,412 contacts
  • Plastic Surgery: 5,234 contacts
  • Podiatry: 7,263 contacts
  • Psychiatry: 10,162 contacts
  • Pulmonary: 5,222 contacts
  • Radiology: 7,579 contacts
  • Reproductive endocrinology & infertility: 5,266 contacts
  • Rheumatology: 2,330 contacts
  • Sleep medicine: 789 contacts
  • Thoracic Surgery: 2,376 contacts
  • Urology: 12,628 contacts
  • Vascular surgery: 1,335 contacts
  • Others: 19,570 contacts
  • Massage Therapists: 3,510 contacts
  • Physical Therapists: 14,973 contacts
  • Occupational Therapists: 7,000 contacts
  • Nurses: 34,210 contacts


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Doctors Email List FAQ

Where can you find a list of doctors personal emails?

If you are looking to launch a B2B marketing campaing targing doctors, the mos efficient way of doing that is through acquiring a mailing database. It will be cleansed and verified for you and will save you a lot of time. However, if you are looking to contant 1 or 2 doctors for you personal needs, the best way forward is calling their medical practice directly.

How do you market to medical doctors?

Medical practioners are generaly very busy and work long hours. Be respectful of their time, keep your message brief and clear. Explain what you are offering and why your service or product is going to benefit them. Give doctor a few convenient options of repsonding to you. Offer trials and tasters if that applicable.

What are the data options for the doctors’ mailing list?

The doctors mailing database comes with a few additional filters for some records. The fields are specific to the doctors specialty and may include the following data: year of graduation, number of patients a week, number of prescriptions a week and a few others. Get in touch with your brief, to find out what filters are available.