Oil & Gas Industry Email List

Oil & Gas Industry Email List | Email, Postal and Phone Data | Over 150k Contacts

This data file includes contacts in companies operating in the Oil and Gas extraction industry, all the way through to petroleum refining. The value of the sector is 236bn USD, and the companies involved have huge buying power for machinery and equipment, technologies of all types, and human resources. The file contains the contact details of key personnel in all disciplines from the technical engineering job functions, through financing and management.

What Sectors are Covered Under the Oil & Gas Industry Email List?

Oil & Gas companies email list

The oil & gas industry is typically divided into three main sectors of operation: upstream, midstream and downstream.  Our list covers all three sectors and can be narrowed down accordingly.

  • Companies of the upstream sector are involved in the exploration and production of oil and gas.  They are responsible for exploration, research, drilling and bringing raw materials to the surface
  • Midstream companies are responsible for logistics and transportation of oil and gas to processing facilities. They gather raw materials and transport them via pipes, trucks or railway.
  • Downstream companies are the ones who refine raw materials, and produce, sell and resell final products, such as fuel, heating oil, asphalt and others.

It is important to note that nowadays many companies are integrated and take of all three stages of the process.

What Data Does the Oil & Gas Industry Email List Consist of?

As with all our email and data B2B lists, each record consists of multiple fields, such as name, personal email address, address of the company, revenue indicator, job title and others. The database includes a diverse range of email addresses belonging to key individuals, decision-makers, and experts across the oil and gas sector.

From CEOs of major exploration companies to engineers at cutting-edge technology firms, the email addresses cover the entire spectrum of this dynamic industry. Whether you’re looking to engage with exploration companies, drilling contractors, equipment manufacturers, or regulatory authorities, this email list covers the entire spectrum. You can pick the data according to your project requirements, whether it is a certain department, sector or location that you are looking for.

The table below represents available data counts split by state. The total number of companies in the file is 16,230 with 154,296 individual contacts, all in decision-making roles.

oil & gas pipeline