How To Find Investors

How To Find Investors

Ways To Find Investors

If you’re looking for potential investors for your project, it can sometimes be difficult to know where to start. In this article, we’ll be looking at different ways to find general investors, as well as more specific types of investors such as those interested in restaurants or real estate.

1. Email

At US Marketing Management, we can help you find investors for your project – with hundreds of thousands of US and international investors on our books plus a huge range of UK investors, we’re able to connect you with a tailored list of potential contacts looking for investment opportunities in areas like property management, commodities, stocks, spreadbetting, trading, gold, oil, art or CFDs (contracts for difference).

2. Social Media

Social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are great tools for entrepreneurs or others looking for investors. They enable you to broadcast publicly and be found easily, as well as directly message potential investors. LinkedIn is great for building a network of contacts and starting conversations; Facebook works well for growing a relationship; and Twitter is a good way to engage with potential investors and have dialogue with them.

3. Blog Engagement

Writing articles can help demonstrate your expertise, knowledge and credibility to a potential investor. You can publish on LinkedIn, host your own blog on sites like WordPress or have a blog section on your own website. These articles will allow the investor to learn your story and buy into your vision. As well as creating your own written content, it’s also great to engage with potential investors wherever they inhabit the online space. This could be through social media as mentioned in point 1, or by seeking out their own blogs and commenting or engaging with them there.

4. Fundraising Platforms

Thousands of projects, products and services have taken off thanks to crowdfunding or because investors have taken notice of a project on platforms such as Kickstarter or Seedinvest. Many highly regarded investors and banks pay attention to these platforms when they’re looking at ways to invest capital so they’re certainly worth considering.

5. Events

There are two types of events that can work well when looking for investors: industry trade shows and networking events where you’re likely to meet investors actively looking for opportunities; and sporting events or fundraisers where they’re not likely to be attending for that purpose specifically, but those events still represent a good opportunity to meet face to face and start a dialogue.

All of the above may apply to the following four specific types of investor, so bear those tips in mind and utilize them where appropriate. Next, we’ll look at tactics that can be applied specifically to these four different types of investors.

How To Find Real Estate Investors

1. Family Offices

These are wealth managers working on behalf of families looking for investment opportunities. Property is often a key part of a balanced portfolio so these kinds of wealth managers are often open to real estate investment. The difficulty you may have here is not having the contacts you need in order to seek an audience with them.

2. Friends and Family

This is often worth considering if you have a real estate opportunity and know someone who you may be able to collaborate with – although there’s always the possibility of personal relationships being at risk if investments don’t work out the way both parties hope. So it’s one to treat with caution.

3. Property-based Online Platforms

There are property-based platforms that exist (as well as the more general platforms already discussed like Kickstarter). If your project is approved and passes the required credit checks, it will be shared with investors. The drawback of this option is that the fees charged by the platforms can be high.

How To Find Private Investors

As well as friends and family falling into this category, angel investors are classed as private investors. This can cover professionals such as doctors, lawyers or serial entrepreneurs.

We can help by providing lists of private investors suited to your project.

Private investors are a good option for new businesses looking to raise start-up capital because they bring financial help, but in addition, often they can provide knowledge and industry or financial contacts that the project may need to help it scale.

An advantage of private investment is that private investors are willing to take risks that many financial institutions are not. Private investment funds are also often received quicker than funding from venture capitalists.

This also means that private investors are usually more patient when it comes to receiving a return, as they’re aware that these investment opportunities often take more time to generate results.

How To Find Restaurant Investors

In addition to the other tips in this article, when it comes to finding someone to invest in your restaurant project, industry connections are a viable option to look for future investors. Whether it’s a former colleague, someone from culinary school, or someone you know who has become successful, these are the types of people who know your story and should be able to buy into your project and help you to create and grow a successful restaurant business.

How To Find Chinese Property Investors

Here at US Marketing Management, we have lists of thousands of Chinese property investors which is an ideal route for you to source an investor for your project. As well as this, we have some other tips:

1. Create An Online Presence In China

China is notorious for online censorship so having a .cn website in Chinese can really help you establish a presence. Obviously, this comes with the associated timeframes and costs of creating such a site. You would also need to make sure the content is optimized so the site ranks well on China’s equivalent of Google, Baidu.

2. Join WeChat Groups

WeChat is China’s equivalent of WhatsApp. Being active on the platform, both organically and through advertising, can help you find investors to collaborate with.

How Do We Work?

As you can see, there are various options for finding investors for projects of all kinds. The advantage of working with us is that we can put you in touch with the right people, quickly and easily.

We consult with you on your project and will select the most closely aligned database of investors to make sure that your message is delivered only to those who have expressed prior interest in similar projects. It is possible to choose from hundreds of thousands of US, UK and other internationally-based investors.

If you’d like to speak with us about connecting with a database of potential investors, get in touch and one of our consultants will be delighted to discuss your needs.


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