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The legal services sector is valued at US$728.5Billion globally in 2020, and is growing, with the value of the sector predicted to rise to US$845.7Billion by 2023 across both dedicated firms and in-house legal teams.

The sector can also be split between legal information – the reiteration of legal facts – and legal advice, a formal opinion regarding substance or procedure of the law in a given set of circumstances. Our database gives you access to contact details of 109,285 professionals employed in this field.

Lawyers email database

Lawyers Email Database – Lawyers List

This is a narrow list that represents lawyers in the US. The list consists of 4,025 individual contacts.

So if you are looking to contacts representatives of this profession, this list will be of help. Let us know your project aims and requirements and we will help you to reach the right audience.

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Lawyers Email Database: Attorneys

This database focuses on USA attorneys. Attorneys, or attorneys in law in the United States are qualified lawyers who are also legally qualified to represent their clients in court.

The database consists of 105,260 records for attorneys in law based in the USA. As usual, this data can be narrowed down by multiple criteria, such as geography or company information.